5 Fun Uses For Your Chronograph

So, you got your chronograph watch but you aren’t a professional pilot or racer?  Not to worry, there are countless other uses for a chronograph on your beloved time piece. Below, we have outlined five fun and utilitarian ways in which you can put your chrono to work in your everyday life.


1) Your Cooking times

From boiling the perfect egg to timing how long your steak has to be on the grill for, a chronograph can be a useful tool in the kitchen for you as well as for the entire family. And since it always on your wrist, it is easily accessible and readily available.

2) Your Parking times

Overstaying in a busy parking space can end up costing you a small fortune especially if you live in a big city. Your chronograph can be started the moment your parking ticket is printed and used as a guide on when to get back to your motor.

3) Timing for sports

If you are into running or any other sport that may require you to time your results, your chrono can come in very handy.  If you are wearing a time piece with a chronograph there won’t be a need for you to carry an awkward stopwatch with you or even have your mobile phone for this task.

4) Your commute

Knowing how long it takes for you to reach a new destination can be very useful. Start your chronograph once you begin your journey and note how long it takes you to reach the destination. You can also do this during different times in the day and compare the results to determine the best times to travel.

5) Your breaks at work

If your boss is strict and particular on the time off you have for your breaks or lunch then your chronograph can come in handy for punctuality. Start timing at the beginning of your break and check regularly to know how much time you have left until you have to be back to work.